The latest school shooting has brought with it an examination of how we've made routine the way we respond to these events. Whenever they happen, we ask the same questions, and wonder when the last one was and when the next one will be.

This simple map shows mass shootings from a dataset collected by Mother Jones. There's another dataset that's been prominent lately, which shows shootings with more than 4 victims. How we parse what a mass shooting is has become part of the routine, after all. Jason Heppler has begun to put together datasets on mass shootings on this github repo so you can create your own data visaulization of these incidents.

This map doesn't show much. It shows, roughly, how many injured and how many killed. There are no numbers, so you only see magnitude. If you hover over the questions, you get some answers. Not satisfying ones, of course. And if you hover over a shooting (whether on the map or on the list) it tells you which one it is on the map and which one was the one before that one and which one is the one after that one.

In the case of the Umpqua Community College shooting, we don't know which one is the next one, yet.

Elijah Meeks